Drop Guard, Protection for Drop Inlets in Unpaved Areas

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Drop Guard is a patented, high performing, low cost and environmentally sustainable approach to reduce sedimentation into unpaved or soft scape drop inlets. Drop Guard allows water flow-through but reduces velocity while filtering particles. One size fits all.  Manufactured in 7-foot panels, it is trenched to a depth of 4 inches and wrapped around drain inlets and held together with wood stakes. Two heights are available (12″ and 15″).  The filter is designed for concentrated flows. It is self-cleaning after post-storm sediment build-up is removed. The system is a ZERO waste solution, made from recycled, reusable and recyclable HDPE.



Product Benefits

Lower Life Cycle Costs (up to 50% savings)

• Above Ground Installation
• No Grates to Remove – Very Fast Installation
• Safe for Installers – No Foot or Hand Injuries
• Better for Inspection and Monitoring
• Easy Maintenance and Removal
• One Size Fits All
• Lasts Entire Project, UV Stable

Better Performance

• Effective Particle Filtration
• No Undercutting or Knockdowns
Product Details:
Item # Description Size
49236389 DrG 12 7' panels x 12 inches high
49236403 DrG 15 7' panels x 15 inches high
DrG 12 - one size fits all - 7' panels x 12" high (4'x4' requires 21 ft.), orange, priced at $3.52 per foot
DrG 15 - one size fits all - 7' panels x 15" high (4'x4' requires 21 ft.), orange, priced at $4.33 per foot


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