Combo Guard - Protection for Combination Curb & Grate Inlets

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Combo Guard is a patented, low cost, four-layer system designed to reduce sedimentation into combination curb & grate inlets. It is an important part of a comprehensive best management practice approach for site sediment control. The integrated filter has a vertical height of 2 inches to allow water to bypass for high flow conditions. The system installs above ground for easy installation, visual inspection and maintenance. Fits most combo storm drains. Resists vehicular traffic. The system is easy to install and clean, has a long life, is resistant to construction site traffic, and can be reused. The units are made from durable and recyclable HDPE.



Product Details:

Item # Product Size
49227174 CG 28 x 22
49227235 CG 36 x 18.5
49227320 CG 48 x 18.5
49227362 CG 48 x 22
49227406 CG 48 x 27
48227423 CG 48 x 30
Combo Guard








Product Benefits:

Lower Life Cycle Costs (up to 50% savings)

• Above ground installation
• No Grates to Remove – Fast Installation
• Safe for Installers – No Foot or Hand Injuries
• Better for Inspection and Monitoring
• Easy Maintenance and Removal
• Last entire project, UV Stable

Better Performance:

• Effective Particle Filtration
• High Flow Bypass – Safety First




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