Perimeter Protection

Erosion Control Best Management Practices are required during all ground disturbing activity until permanent site ground covers are in place. A best management practice (BMP) is a physical, chemical, structural, or managerial practice that prevents, reduces or treats contamination of water or which prevents or reduces soil erosion. Perimeter control BMPs are the last protection before sediment enters the roadway, storm drains or adjacent properties. Perimeter control BMPs can be the most visible and most vandalized BMPs used on a site of ground disturbance. Perimeter BMPs shall be installed before starting and site grading activities. Perimeter controls intercept sheet flow from slopes and remove sediment and other contaminants through ponding, settling, and physical filtration, effectively preventing contaminants from leaving the site and entering surface waters. 

Some of our perimeter control BMPs are documented below:

Perimeter Guard is a tested, patented, high performance and low-cost system designed to provide effective sediment control on or around home building sites.  Perimeter Guard allows water flow-through while at the same time provides particle filtering. Perimeter Guard is designed for high traffic environments where vehicular and foot traffic over Best Management Practices are routine.

Edge Guard is a patented, high performance and low-cost solution to protect small drainage areas. Installation is very fast and Edge Guard is easily removed without disturbing landscaping. Edge Guard can be used for traffic islands, new home lots after final grade, small drainage areas or perimeters with new sod, mulch, topsoil and around field drain inlets, etc.  During the period between final grade and landscaping, traditional BMPs usually cannot be used. Edge Guard allows water flow-through, reduces velocity and provides filtering.

S-Fence is a patented high performing, low total cost alternative to silt fence. It reduces sedimentation and provides erosion control on or around construction sites. S-Fence is an important part of a comprehensive best management practice system for soil stabilization during all construction activities. Unlike traditional silt fence, S-Fence is designed to allow water flow-through and significantly reduces water velocity to reduce erosive energy while at the same time provides particle filtering. S-Fence stands up to wind, UV exposure and will last many years. It is highly reusable. It is made from durable and recyclable HDPE.  Also available as S-Fence-R with reflectors for visibility in low light environments.

ProWattle is a high performance, low cost and environmentally sustainable approach to protect slopes from erosion, to protect perimeters in low traffic environments and to protect low flow channels from erosion. Unlike fiber rolls, ProWattle tends to spread rather than concentrate flow. Installation is very fast and ProWattle is quickly and easily reused. Since it packs nearly 10 to 12 times as dense as wattles, it provides dramatic labor and logistical cost savings.