Curb Inlet Guard, SZ. 75"

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Curb Inlet Guard is a patented, low-cost system which reduces sedimentation into curb inlets. The integrated filter has a vertical height of 2 inches to allow water to bypass during high flow events. The units are made from durable and recyclable HDPE with built-in brackets to keep them from collapsing into the storm drain. Curb Inlet Guard modules can be overlapped as needed to fit all size openings. The system is easy to install, easy to clean, has a long life and can be reused. Curb Inlet Guard can be fitted with an oil absorption jacket for projects with new asphalt applications.
  Item # 36535013
Curb Inlet
Product Benefits:
• Above ground installation; no grates to remove
• Accumulated sediment and debris above ground
• Better for inspection and monitoring
• Balances sediment control with minimal flow backup
• Easy and fast to install, clean, maintain and remove
• Lasts entire project, UV stable
• Lower life cycle costs (up to 50% savings)
• Lightweight and easy to transport
• Modules overlap to fit any length
• Made from recycled content
• One size fits all
• Stands up to construction site abuse

Better Performance:

• Effective particle filtration
• High flow bypass – safety first
• Hydrocarbon absorption option


• For drain inlets with a curb opening only
• Modular 6.25' lengths fit 5' openings and can fit together for longer curb inlet openings
• Heights vary to fit vertical opening height and curb height
• Dimensions are typically standard in geographical regions
• Oil absorption for projects with new asphalt, industrial applications

Special Order Size - CIG88 - Curb Inlet Guard, SZ. 88" - Please call to order

• 88" Long Fits 6.5' opening, overlap for longer openings
Product Characteristics:  
Module Weight (lbs.): 3.0
Functional Life (min. years): 4
Module Height (inches) (min):
Module Length / Opening Size Protected (ft.):
6.25 / 5
Filter Freeboard Height (inches):
Recycled Material Content (Min.):
Easy to Clean:
Filter-Min AOS (microns):
Tensile Yield ASTM D-638 (lb/in²):
Ultimate Tensile Strength: ASTM D-638 (lb/in²):
Service Temperature Deg. F -30 - 160
Filter Flow Rate ASTM D-4491 gpm/ft² (min)
By-Pass for High Flow Conditions
Seals to Pavement to Control Underflow Yes
Integrated Brackets Yes

One size fits all. Curb Inlet Guard segments can be overlapped for long openings as shown above. The overlaps can be secured with zip ties or partially filled gravel bags.  If gravel bags are a problem with local traffic, Curb Inlet Guards can be secured with concrete anchors.  The vertical pins can be adjusted upward to lean against the curb lip, for taller curb openings.

Manufactured by ERTEC
Curb Inlet Guard: Features & Benefits

Curb Inlet Guard: During and Post-Storm




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