DuraWattle SZ. 5.5" x 18' w/18" flap

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DuraWattle is a reusable alternative to straw wattles, sand bag or rock berm bags, hay bales, angular silt dike, chicken wire and rock concoctions and silt fence in several sediment control applications. These applications include perimeter control, stockpile management, drain inlet protection, and construction site entry and exit points.


DuraWattle is designed to be driven over by heavy traffic while maintaining its shape and effectiveness. The sections connect to form a continuous barrier on soil, sidewalk, or hard surfaces. The outer layer of monofilament filter fabric is designed to dewater and retain sediment while the non-permeable core dissipates concentrated flow into more manageable sheet flow.


DuraWattle is proudly manufactured in the USA by Heavyweight Sediment Control Solutions at their facility in Sacramento, CA.


Perimeter Control Stockpile Management



DuraWattle Advantages and Benefits:

  • Designed to be driven over by heavy machinery.
  • Can be installed across multiple surfaces such as on top of a curb, on soil and on hard surfaces.
  • Clean water flow through rate allows water to flow off site without ponding.
  • Forms a continuous sediment control barrier across soil and/or hard surfaces.
  • Lightweight and easy to install. It does not absorb water, meaning you can store it outside in any weather and it is moveable after rain. It only weighs 6 lbs. per 12 ft. section.
  • It is long lasting and extremely cost effective over time. It is easily reused over multiple jobs without a change in its overall effectiveness. Buy it once, use it for years, and save money.
  • Durawattle is made from highly UV-resistant materials. It holds up in the sun very well, unlike straw wattles or silt fence.
  • Helps to protect the environment by being unappealing to animals. It does not absorb or leech any pollutants.
  • Ships and stores compressed 1800 ft. per pallet. A pallet contains 6 bales that can be separated easily.
  • Tested performance: 96.6% Sediment Retention Rate & 58% Turbidity Reduction (AT SM D-7351, TRI Environmental, Oct. 2007)
  • Reduced footprint in your warehouse.
  • DuraWattle nails are included.


           Durawattle Nails



Gravel 100%
Sand 99.8%
Silt 93.2%
Clay 88.3%



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 Installing the Durawattle Demo


Durawattle on hard surface
         1800 ft. of on a pallet





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