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In March 2003, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) implemented Phase II of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Currently, the regulations apply to virtually all construction activities. Any construction site disturbing one acre or more of land must comply with the Phase II regulations. NPDES requirements pertain to simple erosion control on slopes, drainage channels, shorelines, and the control of sediment run-off.


Rules & Regulations


Billions of dollars are spent each year to manage the effect of erosion. Slopes are washed away by storm water runoff.  Channels are filled with sediment and shorelines are altered forever. Designers and installers can prevent much of this destruction by installing the latest developments in erosion and sediment control.




Slope Erosion Effects of Erosion



Silt Management Supplies offers erosion control solutions and products designed and manufactured to meet varying concerns and requirements for your job site. Our products can help address the practice of preventing or controlling water erosion in agriculture, land development, coastal areas, riverbanks, and construction.


Effective erosion and sediment controls are important techniques in preventing water pollution, soil loss, wildlife habitat loss and human property loss. Erosion and sediment control devices are a necessity for any project, job site, or work location where soil or natural vegetation has been disturbed, moved, or cleared. These areas are most at risk of pollution due to sediment runoff and erosion. Silt Management Supplies specializes in providing cost effective, quality storm water erosion control materials and silt retention products.



Important techniques to
prevent water pollution
control management



Leveraging 23 + years of experience in the storm water consultation and inspection business, our expert product and regulatory knowledge will help keep you and your job site protected, as well as compliant. Failure to maintain storm water erosion and sediment controls throughout a construction project can add substantial costs to your project and harm the environment. County Inspectors regularly inspect construction sites and land development projects to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws. The erosion control solutions offered by our company will help to reduce any possible risks, fines, and potential project shutdowns.



Polluted water causes
loss of wildlife
Stop harmful pollution



We pride ourselves in bringing forth the right products, services, and resolutions for your next project. We will help you do it easily, efficiently, and affordably. We offer everything from concrete washout solutions to silt fence, geotextile fabric, erosion control blankets, durawattle, storm inlet protection, coconut / straw wattles and much more. Browse our wide selection of sediment and erosion control inventory today.


Customer service and your satisfaction are important to us. “Partnering to Protect our Environment” is not only our motto, but also our promise to you as a local business in Houston. We look forward to enhancing your business in an environmentally responsible way. Please feel free to contact us for a personal introduction to our products, business, and explore further opportunities. We are here to answer your questions at 281-717-8921.


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