GR8 Guard

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Product Description:

The GR8 Guard is a patent pending and low-cost system designed to reduce sediment flow into grated storm drain inlets in paved areas. The integrated filter is designed for high flows. The outer berm allows water to rise to nearly I.5 inches before reaching the filter – causing heavier particles to settle. The system filters storm water above the ground easing visual inspection and maintenance.

The system is easy to install, has a long life, is resistant to traffic and reusable. During installation or cleaning, the grate does not need to be removed, which speeds up installation and reduces installer injuries.

Product Benefits:

  • Lower life cycle costs - (up to 50% savings)
  • Above ground
  • Durable - semi permanent
  • Faster Installation
  • Faster inspection and monitoring
  • Faster maintenance and removal
  • Long life; UV stable
  • Reduces back injuries
  • Safer (no grate removal), fewer workers comp claims
  • Durable - one installation per project
  • Better performance - filters or settles-out sediment and debris above ground
  • High flow bypass - safety first
  • 100% American Content/ Labor
  • Reusable & Recyclable


Product Characteristics:

Module Weight (avg. lbs per sq. ft.):


Functional Life (min. years):




Easy To Clean:


Seals Extend Past Drain & Filter Core for Good Contact with Hard Surface:


Filter - Min AOS (microns):


Tensile Yield ASTM D-638 (lb./in²):



Manufactured by ERTEC Environmental Systems




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