"Z" Dyke Curb Inlet Protection, 6 oz. Fabric

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Purpose and Function:

These Inlet protection devices intercept and trap leaves, trash, and debris before it can be transported from a site into the storm drain system and discharged into a lake, river, stream, wetland, or other waterbody. 


"Z" Dyke Curb Inlet Protection

Custom Fabricated for Curb Inlet Protection
2” x 4” 12.5-Gauge Welded Wire Mesh
Standard Non-Woven Geotextile Fabric 


Item # and available lengths:
Item # 36977463    6 oz. fabric - 3’ x 8’
Item # 36977459    6 oz. fabric - 3' x 12'


"Z" Dyke Curb Inlet Protection_Spec Sheet

3' x 8' size pictured above


Consider the following when evaluating the use of inlet protection for a site.

  • Most inlet protection devices are suitable for a drainage area of one acre or less. Runoff from larger disturbed areas should be routed to more suitable BMPs such as temporary sediment traps or temporary sediment basins.
  • Inlet protection devices may result in ponding of water around the inlet. This may result in a traffic hazard depending on the site location.
  • Inlet protection should be in areas where potential ponding will not have adverse impacts.
  • Under high flow conditions, sediment removal may be ineffective.
  • Inlet protection is intended for low flows having relatively low sediment loading.
  • Inlet protection that is not properly installed, maintained, or removed may result in short-circuiting of flow.
  • Stabilizing bare soil areas draining to the inlet and maintaining perimeter controls (e.g., silt fence, fiber logs) can help to prevent sediment overloads at inlet locations.


Ask about our 100' Master Roll Z-Dyke Curb Inlet Protection (cut and form to fit)






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