T-Posts, Rail Steel - VARIOUS SIZES

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Product Description:

Our t-posts are economical, easy to drive into any terrain, and a relatively easy way to construct temporary or permanent fencing. They are manufactured using high quality rail steel and can be used to support various types of wire or wire mesh. These heavy-duty studded steel posts can be used for silt fence posts, fencing cattle, large animals, and areas receiving strong use. Our t-posts are suitable for both agricultural and lawn and garden fencing.

Our posts range from lengths of 3 ft. to 10 ft. and weights of .85 pounds to 1.33 pounds per linear foot, sold individually or by pallets sizes.

All t-posts are bundled 200 per pallet, with the exception of the 3' t-posts, which are bundled 300 pieces per pallet. Most of our posts are unpainted and have no spade or clips. Reference the chart below for more details. 


Benefits of Rail Steel T-Posts:

• Rail steel material naturally resistant to weathering
• Easy to drive into ground - no holes to dig
• Strong holding power suitable for any type of fence
• Good choice for rocky or hard ground
• Works well for wire, chain link, silt fencing, snow fencing and safety fencing
• Can also be used for signposts, property markers, vineyard trellises or home gardens
• Stands up to livestock
• Studs prevent fence fabric from riding up or down the post
• Fence fabric can be attached securely to post by metal clips
• Available in standard and special lengths

Specification Sheet:

Studded T-Post Specification Sheet


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Item # Length 
Weight per ft.                 
Finish / Bundle Quantity                                                       
67387995 3 feet
.95# raw - unpainted / 300 Pallet                                                  
  3 feet  
1.25# raw - unpainted / 300 Pallet                                                  
67899483 4 feet .85# raw - unpainted / 200 Pallet                                                 
37272764 4 feet 1.25# raw - unpainted- TXDOT / 200 Plt.                                  
40920362 5 feet .85# raw - unpainted / 200 Pallet                                                  
37272770 5 feet .95# raw - unpainted / 200 Pallet                                                  
37272766 6 feet .85# raw - unpainted / 200 Pallet                                                     
37272767 7 feet 1.25# painted w/ green enamel, anchor plate-TXDOT/ 200 Plt.
66654368 10 feet 1.33# painted w/ green enamel, anchor plate-TXDOT/ 200 Plt.  


Raw-unpainted rail steel t-posts
No anchor plate
7' t-posts painted w/green enamel                     Anchor plate attached
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