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Safe-T-Post Caps, White - Sold in 25 Counts, 100 Count or 500 Count - Made to Stay On!


Product Description:

Safe-T-Post Caps are easily placed on steel t-posts without the use of tools, yet they fit snugly to resist accidental removal. The tough vinyl material is bright white to enhance visibility and UV stabilized so they will last for years. They also have an improved "stay whiter" formula. Protect people or your valuable livestock from serious injury and unsightly punctures and scrapes. These white safe-t-post caps are designed to conform to a wide range of steel post sizes and stay on tight, eliminating the hazards of sharp, jagged steel post tops.


Product Details:

• Material: Vinyl
• Size: 2" High
• Easy to install without tools and are attractive
• Made to stay in place, tapered shape grips tightly
• Economical enough to use on every fence post
• Makes posts more visible at night
• Tough, puncture resistant vinyl construction
• Material resists ultraviolet degradation
• Sold in 25 counts, 100 count or a box of 500 caps
• Manufactured by CZ Engineering
How to Install:
Easier to install if caps are warm.
Align cap with the top of steel t-post and slide into place, so the top of the post bottoms out.
If necessary, you can tap down with a hard object.
With your fingers, mold the open end of the cap to the shape of the post.
For tamper proof installation you can fill the center channel of the cap with an adhesive, like liquid nails, before installation.
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103093677 25 count white
37409554 100 count white
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