7" UV Black or White Nylon Zip Ties, Various Quantities

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Product Description:


Our UV resistant black or white nylon zip ties, also referred to as cable ties, are the ideal option for high ultraviolet environments. These UV zip ties are specifically manufactured to be used for continuous or extended exposure to outdoor use and UV light. UV resistant zip ties are made by incorporating stabilizers in the nylon resin, adding to the functionality that they provide. They are produced to be considered a weather resistant grade, with enduring additional UV light being the most important added benefit.


UV resistant black or white nylon zip ties can be used for various applications such as attaching safety fence or silt fence to fence posts. They can be used for electrical, auto, marine, home and garden projects as well.


Product Details:

Item #  Quantity Color
37451323 100 count Black
49931457 200 count Black
300 count Black
49931459 500 count Black
37451320 1000 count Black
72646534 1000 count White



• Material: UV black or white nylon

• Size 7"

• Professional quality

• Manufactured with the perfect balance of strength and durability

• Weather resistant grade for ultraviolet (UV) light

• Can be used on wood or metal stakes to secure fencing

• UL Rated: Indoor & outdoor use

• Continuous or extended exposure to outdoor use






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