Inlet Protection

Inlet protection devices intercept and/or filter sediment before it can be transported from a site into the storm drain system and discharged into a lake, river, stream, wetland, or other water body. These devices also keep sediment from filling or clogging storm drain pipes, ditches, and down-gradient sediment traps or ponds. Inlet protection may also include placement of a barrier to create a bypass of an inlet transferring flow downstream to a sediment trap, basin, or other inlet discharging to a non-critical area. The type of inlet protection should be determined based on the type of inlet, drainage area, slope, and whether the inlet is in a high traffic area. Compost filter socks may also be used on pavement for curb inlet protection. Inlet protection devices may be applied to any curb inlet, drop inlet, manhole, catch basin, or other entry point to the stormwater drainage system that might receive inflows with high sediment levels. Inlet protection is critical because it often is the last treatment measure before stormwater enters receiving waters.