Concrete Washout

Silt Management Supplies provides reliable and cost effective concrete washout products that meet or exceed most local, state and federal environmental regulations.
"Outpak Corrugated Washout" and "Outpak All Weather Washout" containers are convenient, lightweight, portable, easy to setup, cost effective and keep your job-site clean. Because it is so critical to ensure that concrete run-off waste from cleaning your tanks, chutes and tools do not get into the groundwater or sewer system, these portable washout containers are the perfect solution to protect the environment from hazardous chemicals found in concrete. You can use these washout containers for all of your concrete, slurry and stucco washout, as well as providing paint washout containment options. Otherwise, you could face fines from EPA or your local municipal authorities. With this product, you won't have to spend time containing concrete spills or digging and repairing costly pits that fail to work properly.
Outpak Spill Kits are universal spill kits and are good for cleaning up liquids, hydraulic oil, fuel, radiator spills and other chemical spills fast, preventing potential accidents and environmental violations on the job site. These spill kits can be conveniently stored behind the seat of your vehicle.
Outpak Slurry Solution saves time, money and labor at your job site by making slurry waste cleanup easier to manage and much more efficient. The material becomes EPA compliant and landfill ready in a few short minutes.
Other concrete washout products include:
♦  Mini Hopper with 6' Hose
♦  Durable 20 oz. PVC Blue Print Plan Bag, Size: 41" x 29"
♦  Corrugated Concrete Washout Signs, Size: 18" x 24"