T-Posts & Accs.


We supply rail steel t-posts which are "raw" (unpainted) and that do not include a kick plate, also referred to as a flange or spade.  The most common weight of our t-posts are  .85 (pounds per linear foot), .95 (pounds per linear foot), 1.25 (pounds per linear foot) and 1.33 (pounds per linear foot). The most popular lengths that we carry are 3 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft,  5-1/2 ft, and 6 ft.  We also carry 7 ft. lengths. Our 7 ft. t-posts do have a kick plate attached and are painted with green enamel.  All of our t-posts are sold in units of 200 posts per pallet, with the exception of our 3 ft. t-posts, which are sold in units of 300 posts per pallet. Regardless of how many t-posts you need, we will break up our bundles to sell the exact amount your project requires. Browse our related t-posts tools and accessories, which include t-post clips, the clip bender tool, safety caps, zip ties, and our t-post driver tool.