TX160 Triaxial Geogrid, SZ. 13.12' x 246'

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Product Description:

Tensar® TriAx® Geogrid is an advanced product specifically designed for trafficked surfaces. TriAx Geogrid’s multi-directional properties leverage triangular geometry, one of construction’s most stable and widely utilized shapes, to provide an enhanced level of in-plane stiffness. Its triangular structure, coupled with improved rib and junction geometry, offers the construction industry an improved alternative to conventional materials and practices.


TriAx Geogrid is manufactured from a punched polypropylene sheet oriented in multiple, equilateral directions to form its triangular apertures, resulting in high radial stiffness throughout the full 360 degrees. This feature yields a more efficient product that delivers optimal in-service stress transfer from the aggregate to the stabilizing geogrid.


Benefits of Triaxial Geogrid:

Improving Paved and Unpaved Roads and Platforms
The Spectra Roadway Improvement System increases the economics and performance of subgrade, subbase and base thereby:


  • Simplifying and speeding construction
  • Decreasing labor and equipment requirements
  • Reducing aggregate fill thickness(es)
  • Reducing undercut/over excavation
  • Improving durability


Product Specifications:

Item # 40391311
Model: TX160-13X246
Brand: Tensar
Size: 13.12' x 246'
Square Feet / Roll: 3,227
Square Yards / Roll: 358.61
Product Information:

Tensar TriAx 160_Specification Sheet

Tensar TriAx_Overview

Tensar_Contractor Brochure


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