Tensar Type 2F, 450, BX1200 Geogrid, SZ. 13.12' x 164' Roll (239.08 SY)

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Tensar® BX Series Geogrids


Features & Benefits:

Tensar International invented and advanced the biaxial form of geogrid – the original geogrid. Tensar® BX Geogrids have been used for mechanical ground stabilization in over half a million projects worldwide, including roads, reinforced foundations and working platforms.


Biaxial Geogrids increase the life of the surface and reduce maintenance costs. Biaxial Geogrids are punched and drawn from high grade polypropylene for high flexural rigidity and high tensile strength at ribs and junctions that are required for long-term interlock and confinement in soil stabilization and base reinforcement applications.


Item # 37252928
Size: 13.12’ x 164’
Square Yards / Roll: 239.1
Square Feet / Roll: 2,151
Model: BX1200
Brand: Tensar


Common Applications Include:

• Base stabilization/reinforcement for equipment and staging yards, paved highways, haul roads, secondary roads, runways, parking lots for commercial and industrial facilities and railways.

• Airport runways and taxiways

• Heavily loaded equipment yards at port, rail and industrial facilities

• Truck freight distribution centers and terminals

• Gabions for wall construction, erosion control structures and bridge abutments.

• Working Platforms/mattresses on weak sub grades such as soft soils, peat, tundra.

• Foundation, cement or concrete reinforcement in a wide variety of applications.


Specification Sheet

Tensar Biaxial Geogrid_Specification Sheets


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