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Item # 39168193
Geogrid BX4100 - TY1, TXDOT
SZ. 13.12 'x 246'


Product Description:

BXGRID Biaxial Geogrids are punched and drawn from select, high grade polypropylene or co-polymers for high flexural rigidity and high tensile strength at ribs and junctions. Used in road reinforcement, BXGRID Geogrids increase the life of the surface and reduce maintenance costs. Their single layer, open aperture structures interlock with natural fill materials. Tensar BX1100 and BX1200 Geogrids have slightly higher strength values across the roll. This can be desirable when traffic will travel in the length of the roll direction. Tensar BX4100 Geogrids have similar strength in both directions, making them suitable where traffic is random. In base reinforcement applications, Biaxial Polypropylene Geogrids prevent lateral dispersion of base materials improving their structural performance. This can result in up to a 30% reduction in base course materials.


Soil Stabilization:

When faced with soft soils and weed control problems, BXGRID geogrids offer superior solutions to deep undercutting or chemical stabilization to greatly reduce the overall cost of construction.


Compared to deep undercuts, BXGRID Geogrids:

  1. Reduce fill or aggregate thickness
  2. Reduced hauling, equipment hours & emissions
  3. Reduce construction time 


 Compared to chemical stabilization, BXGRID Geogrids:

  1. Require no specialized equipment or crews
  2. Are not sensitive to weather conditions or soil chemistry
  3. Require no cure time and provides permanent stabilization


Base Reinforcement:

When constructing roadways over a relatively firm sub-grade BXGRID biaxial geogrids provide a predictable and reliable level of performance to enhance pavement life; and or reduce required aggregate and or pavement thickness. The high tensile strength and junction efficiency of BXGRID biaxial geogrids confine and restrain aggregate from lateral movement. This distributes the applied load over the sub-grade to a larger area resulting in a thinner pavement cross section, a longer service life or a combination of both.


When Used to Reinforce Base Course Materials, BXGRID Biaxial Geogrids:


Reduce Cost By:

  1. Reduced aggregate thickness
  2. Reduced pavement thickness
  3. Reduced undercut


Extend Pavement Service Life By:

  1. Broader distribution of applied load to subgrade
  2. Minimize rutting


Some Common Applications:

·  Paved highways and secondary roads
·  Unpaved roadways
·  Parking areas for commercial and industrial facilities
·  Airport runways and taxiways
·  Truck freight distribution centers and terminals
·  Heavily loaded equipment yards at port, rail, intermodal, and industrial facilities
·  Haul roads
·  Port Terminals & Distribution Centers


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