Ditch & Swale Protection Guard 9"

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Ditch & Swale Guard is a patented high performing and low cost approach to protect roadside ditches, swales, and channels from erosion and sediment loss. Ditch & Swale Guard acts like a check-dam to slow concentrated flow to reduce flow velocities and downstream erosive energy. Installation is fast and easy. After vegetation is established, Ditch & Swale Guard is easily removed and reusable. Ditch & Swale Guard is an important part of a comprehensive Best Management Practice system for soil stabilization. Ditch & Swale Guard is made from durable and recyclable HDPE and is available in 5 inch and 9 inch heights.


Item # 49242623

Ditch & Swale Guard for higher flow channels and ditches
3-foot lengths, 9" high - check dam segments interconnect


Product Benefits

Cut project costs by 50%

  • Low first and total cost
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Fast installation, lightweight
  • Easy to remove, store and reuse
  • Compact storage and transportation
  • Low shipping and storage costs


Better Performance

  • High sediment retention
  • Reduced undercutting and scouring



  • Roadside ditches / swales
  • Higher flow channels



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