Edge Guard Perimeter Protection, EG- 5-foot length, 6.0" high, 1.59 per ft.

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Perimeter Protection for Small Areas, Islands & During Landscaping, priced at $1.59 per foot

Edge Guard is a patented, high performance and low-cost solution to protect small drainage areas. Installation is very fast, and Edge Guard is easily removed without disturbing landscaping. Edge Guard is an important part of a comprehensive Best Management Practice for soil stabilization and re-vegetation.

Edge Guard can be used for traffic islands, new home lots after final grade, small drainage areas or perimeters with new sod, mulch, topsoil and around field drain inlets, etc.  During the period between final grade and landscaping, traditional BMPs usually cannot be used. Edge Guard allows water flow-through, reduces velocity and provides filtering. Edge Guard is made from durable and recyclable HDPE.

Edge Guard– A shorter version of S-Fence for
small drainage areas, landscapes & mulch control.



Product Benefits:


Lower Life Cycle Costs (up to 50% savings)
• High re-usability
• Remove without disturbing landscaping
• Compact storage and transportation
Better Performance:
• High sediment retention
• Little undercutting
• Protection during the landscaping phase of construction
• Around field drain inlets with small drainage areas
• Mulch control around landscaped areas
Item # 49409197
• 5-foot lengths, 6.0" high
• Priced at 1.59 per foot

Edge Guard™ is installed in a slot between the soil and concrete around perimeters of areas to be landscaped. Edge Guard protects topsoil before and after sod or other plants take root.

            Edge Guard can be used to protect traffic islands and can remain throughout the landscaping phase. It is very quickly installed and removed.



Edge Guard fits between the soil and the concrete. It can be inserted to control soil movement during landscaping. Edge Guard can be used to keep soil in place during sod establishment and can be removed without disturbing landscaping.   Edge Guard can be successfully used in a permanent application, as a filter barrier, to prevent the movement of soil particles onto the porous pavement.



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