Perimeter Guard for High Traffic Areas

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Perimeter Guard, (priced at $1.83 per foot) is a tested, patented, high performance and low cost system designed to provide effective sediment control on or around home building sites.  Perimeter Guard is an important part of a comprehensive best management approach for sediment control. Perimeter Guard allows water flow-through while at the same time provides particle filtering. Perimeter Guard is designed for high traffic environments where vehicular and foot traffic over the BMPs is routine. Perimeter Guard is made from durable and recyclable HDPE.


Product Details:

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49605622 Black
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Product Benefits:

Lower Life Cycle Costs:

  • Fast installation. Lightweight
  • Resistant to crushing and job site traffic, reform in place – lasts entire project cycle
  • Low maintenance
  • Reusable
  • Reduce street sweeping

Better Performance:

  • Particle filtration
  • Significantly less undercutting

ZERO Waste:

  • Reusable on multiple phases
  • Recyclable


  • High Traffic Perimeter Protection for Home-building Sites
Perimeter Guard™ – Designed with a heavier jacket to withstand the rigors of home building



Perimeter Guard Installation Part 2:  4.5 min
Perimeter Guard Installation Part 1:  9 min
Perimeter Guard Installation Part 3: 10 min
Perimeter Guard Installation Part 2:  4.5 min








Perimeter Guard Installation Part 3:  10 min
Lot Protection for Home-building:
Perimeter Guard changes the way sediment is controlled on-site for home-builders. High overhead mechanized crew not required for installation and maintenance. Perimeter maintenance averages less than 6 minutes per week, per lot under construction. When removed by landscapers after final grading, greater than 80% of the material can be stockpiled for reuse. Drastically lower overall costs – one installation with no additional purchases, less maintenance, and significantly less on-site sweeping. There is very high environmental sustainability—nothing goes to landfills. During home building, silt fence, fiber rolls (wattles) or fiber blankets are quickly destroyed in foot or vehicular traffic. Slumping wattles or blankets provide no free-board height to keep flows from reaching the street and storm drains, creating the need for constant sweeping. Wattles, blankets or silt fence typically needs to be replaced four to five times during a subdivision build-out. Perimeter Guard can overcome the above concerns, provide better sediment control and an economic advantage for the home-builder.
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