Case of Slurry Solution, Qty. of (4) 7 lb. Bottles

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Outpak Slurry Solution saves time, money and labor at your job site by making your slurry waste cleanup easier to manage and much more efficient. Mix Ouptak Slurry Solution into slurry waste such as concrete, mortar or paint slurry and wait a few short minutes for it to solidfy.



  • Item # 36534937
  • Box of (4) 7 lb. bottles
  • Each 7 lb. bottle can absorb 80 gallons of water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made from 100% organic blend of polymers
  • Does not re hydrate
  • Material becomes EPA complaint and landfill ready
  • For water-based products
  • Great for wet saw cutting, core drilling and floor polishing


Washout Hardening Powder:

The Slurry Solidifier Solution by Outpak is design to absorb excess liquid quickly into a dry, easily picked up material with residue. Once hardened the end result is an EPA compliant material ready to be disposed of in a trash container.


Easy to Use:

The slurry solution can be added to a washout container or directly applied to a surface. The material does not stain floors or leave a slippery residue.


EPA Compliant:

EPA fines for non-compliance on material disposal at your job site can be extremely expensive and can be easily avoided by using a dependable slurry solution to pickup liquid residue and disposing of the waste correctly.


Outpak Slurry Use Estimates (click link)

Outpak Slurry Solution Demo (click link)

Outpak Slurry Solution_Material Safety Data Sheet


You get a quantity of four 7 lb. bottles







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