Geotextile Matting 8 oz. SZ. 15' X 300' Non-Woven

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Item # 49796086
Geotextile Matting 8 oz., Nonwoven
Size: 15' X 300'


Project Description:

The 8 oz. non-woven geotextile fabric is a heavy duty, strong and flexible fabric that will act as a separation layer between rock and soil, while still allowing water to pass through. The 8 oz. filter fabric is one of the strongest and most common medium weight non-woven geotextiles, made of polypropylene with a needle puncture process. These needle-punched non-woven fabrics are non-biodegradable, tear resistant and are permeable with varying water flow rates. It can provide sediment control on hillsides and riverbanks. It is great for filtering and commonly used in French drain systems.


Non-Woven Geotextile Attributes:

• Separation
• Filtration
• Drainage
• Referenced by Weight
• Penetrable
• Felt Like To The Touch


Common Applications:

Can be used for many different projects including:

• Construction Projects
• Drainage Systems
• Erosion Control
• Filter Fabric
• French Drains
• Gardening
• Landscaping
• Pond Underlayment
• Retaining walls
• Separation Layer Under Riprap
• Soil Erosion Prevention Projects
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