Serpent Safety Helmet, Ratchet Suspension, White Shell

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Serpent Cap Style Vented Safety Helmet

The vented Serpent cap style helmet is a durable, vented hard hat that is ideal for hot or humid work environments. It features a rotating ratchet adjustment system that helps keep the helmet securely in place. Many of it's comfortable features, include an eight-point, six strap suspension, a cloth brow pad that absorbs moisture, and an ultra-light weight of just 13 ounces. Serpent protects against the most threatening of hazards and has been independently tested to meet and exceed the ANSI Z89.1 standard to prove it.


Serpent, Cap Style, Vented 

Serpent, Ratchet Suspension Shown
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Serpent Safety Helmet Features:

• Sleek, snake-head-like shell design provides modern style, while offering durable protection.
• Soft, cushioned brow pad helps absorb moisture.
• Vented shell allows heat to escape, keeping workers cooler on the job-site.
• Features a unique rotating ratchet suspension, which adjusts to fit head sizes from 6-5/8 – 8-1/4.
• Eight-point, six-strap nylon suspension is comfortable yet provides exceptional impact absorption.
• Independently tested to meet the ANSI Z89.1 standard for Type 1, Class C safety helmets only.
• High-density polyethylene is incredibly light – just 13.1oz.
• Independently tested to meet the voluntary ANSI Z89.1-2009 standards for lower temperature, reverse donning and high visibility (Hi-Viz shell colors only).
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