Sharp Hog C-Rings SR8 Sharp, SZ. 11/16"

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The SR8 Hog Rings can be used with the Stanley-Bostitch P7 Spring Loaded Hog Ring Pliers.


The SR8 Hog Rings are used in landscape, erosion control and various other industries. Stanley-Bostitch P7 Spring Loaded Hog Ring Pliers are used to attach silt fence fabric to field or welded wire, when wire back silt fence is required. Spring loaded pliers allows for faster application of the hog rings; therefore, using less man hours on the job and preventing lower occurrences of installer injuries.  The SR8 stainless steel hog rings feature sharp tips to promote good piercing capabilities and consistent ring closure. There are 2500 hog rings per box.

Hog C-Rings SR8

Item # 36535087
• 16 Gauge, sharp galvanized
• 11/16-inch open size
• 9/32-inch closing size
• 2500/per box
Bag closure; close off the neck of plastic, cloth, or mesh bags
Attach silt fence fabric to field or welded wire, when wire back silt fence is required
Tagging; secure tags to potted plants
Low cost method to tighten burlap on root ball after tie-up
General package bagging
Cargo netting
Insulation blankets
Oil abortion socks
Secure bird, deer, varmint control netting over planting beds 
Arts and crafts


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Stanley Bostitch P7 Plier Specifications: 

 Stanley Bostitch P7 Hog Ring Pliers

Bostitch P7 Features
Durable all metal construction
Uses 16 gauge hog rings for extra versatility
Integral spring loaded magazine feed
Bostitch P7 Specifications:
Length of handle: 6 ½ inches, middle area 7 inches
Weight .8 lbs.
Hog Ring Load 50
Ring Size 11/16"
Staple RING 616G50, RING 616G50B, RING 616SS50
Closure size i.d. min-max
9/32 "-23/64", (7.1-9.1mm)
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