Curlex Erosion Control Blankets, SZ. 4 ft. or 8 ft. Rolls

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Why We Use Erosion Products?

Erosion has been a problem since the beginning of time; shorelines degraded, topsoil lost, and hillsides washed away. It has not been until recent history that our population has recognized the extreme devastation that erosion creates. Due to this realization, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created Phase II of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) to help with the erosion and sediment control in America. The way an erosion control product works is that it prevents soil loss and helps vegetation develop a root structure and growth for natural erosion protection. U.S. Erosion Control's wide variety of products has been engineered for all scenarios of erosion from an area that needs minimal protection and rapid degradation, to a replacement for rip rap.


Every development project has areas with the potential for soil erosion. Our Curlex Excelsior Blankets are specifically designed to help control soil erosion on slopes and channels, preserve the soil and promote ideal growing conditions for grass seed, while simultaneously protecting topsoil from wind and water erosion.


By design, Curlex Excelsior Blankets have a built-in swell factor. Wet curled excelsior fibers slightly expand in thickness and interlock to form a strong, fiber matrix. This allows the fibers to provide intimate contact with local terrain. Water flow is trained to follow the curled fiber matrix. The roughness of the curled excelsior matrix slows the velocity to a point where gravity takes over, which allows moisture to slowly seep into the topsoil to promote ideal growing conditions. Curlex Excelsior Blankets are made from weed free excelsior and are green in color.


Product Details:

Item Number Roll Size Type Price
37085702 8 ft. x 150 ft. American Excelsior Type 1 - Single Net $78.95
37085700 4 ft. x 150 ft. American Excelsior Type 1 - Single Net $47.00



  • Immediately effective upon application—bonds directly to the soil
  • Built-in swell factor which allows the fibers to expand and form a stronger matrix when wet
  • Provides ideal conditions for grass seed growth, while simultaneously shielding the topsoil from water and wind erosion
  • Curlex excelsior fibers are seed free
  • Curlex excelsior fibers are engineered specially for erosion and sediment control
  • Excellent functional longevity that lasts through grow-in
  • Ideal for dormant seeding and long-term protection in arid climates
  • Faster vegetative establishment and greater biomass production 
  • Minimizes soil loss and turbidity of effluent runoff
  • Proven to be completely environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable anchor staples sold separately


Curlex I Erosion Control Blanket_Spec Sheet

Guidelines for Installing Rolled Erosion Control Products





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