Survey Stakes, 36" and 48", Individual or 50 /Bundle

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If you are a contractor or working in the surveying industry, you will often need hardwood survey stakes or lath to complete your project. Survey stakes are used by power line companies, surveyors, and general contractors to properly mark the ground for a project before construction begins. These heavy-duty stakes are also ideal for many landscaping and building projects. Use them on construction sites to mark elevations and locations, or put them in your garden, staking plants and outlining beds.


  • Ideal for construction, farming, gardening, landscaping, form setting, layout, and marking projects
  • Sold individually or packaged and sold in bundles of 50
  • The pointed end is easy to drive into the ground
  • Use for a full range of needs


Item Number  Size Quantity
87653213 3/8" x 1.5" x 36" Individual
75936625 3/8" x 1.5" x 36" 50 per bundle
87651914 3/8" x 1.5" x 48" Individual
75936530 3/8" x 1.5" x 48" 50 per bundle



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