Spring Berm, SZ. 12" x 6'

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Item # 36535085

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The Spring Berm is an expanding energy dissipater that reduces run-off and erosion and prevents the formation of rills or gullies in channels or highway ditches. It is made from a tubular fabric body with skirts extending from both upstream and downstream sides for anchoring the barrier to the ground. A helical metal spring in the body holds the body in the installed position. The product is supplied in a compressed state held together with special clips. In the compressed state, the Spring Berm takes minimal shipping space. The 12-inch diameter tubes are shipped compressed and buckled together.


The nominal dimensions of the product when installed are 12” diameter by 6’ long, with an 18 inch skirt on each side. Multiple lengths of the Spring Berm can be joined using the special clips. The fabric is designed to slow down the flow velocity of water in the channel and to trap sediment. We recommend that the Spring Berm be used in conjunction with an erosion control blanket.


When the compressed tubes are unbuckled, the tubes automatically expand to their full six foot length. Each tube is kept rigid with an enclosed spring. When the ends are snapped together they form long continuous fluid control barriers. Anchoring is simple, as the barriers are easily held in place with common blanket staples through the attached flap or by shoveling gravel on the flap in frozen ground conditions.



  • Size: 12" diameter x 6' length
  • Lightweight, compact silt control device
  • Cost effective
  • Reduces runoff flow velocity, retains silt and reduces erosion and gully formation
  • Requires no posts or trenching
  • Easily clipped together to any length
  • Simple to install and remove
  • Third party tested
  • Sold individually or in units of 6 berms
  • Installed using standard sod staples (sold separately) 


  standard sod staples sold separately




  • Stormwater channels and ditches
  • Silt control on slopes
  • Construction site silt containment

Spring Berm Expanding Energy Dissipater - Informational Sheet


Save thousands over conventional check dams
             Prevents the formation of rills and gullies



  Third party tested and approved
            Over 1600 linear ft. can fit onto a pallet






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