ECB Jute Mesh SZ. 4' x 225'

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Product Description:

Jute is a truly versatile natural fiber of a bamboo-like plant. Its silky texture, high tensile strength, and resistance to heat and weather provides numerous applications. Jute netting is biodegradable, usually disappearing within one to two years. Since it is made from plants, it is one of the most widely used fibers and is one of the most dependable and proven erosion products available. Jute erosion control mat contains about 65% open area. This completely biodegradable blanket is the solution to environmentally sensitive general erosion control applications.


Jute stabilizes the soil and promotes the establishment of permanent vegetation on all types of slopes (road slopes, drainage slopes, landfill slopes, and backyard slopes, etc.) Jute conforms to slope contours and surface irregularities. Jute stabilizes surface soil on slopes with thousands of tiny check dams per square yard.


Rolls are 4' X 225' and palatalized 12 rolls to a pallet



Item #
Roll Size: 4' x225' (width x length) (1.22 m x 68.6 m)
Roll Area: 100 SY (83.3 sq.m.)
Open Area: 70 -75%
Mesh Size 11mm x 18mm
Water Absorption: >450% of fabric weight
Thickness: 0.25 inch (6 mm)
Recommended Sheer Stress: 0.45 lbs./sq.ft. (22 N/sq.m)
Recommended Flow: 6 fps (1.8 m/s)
Recommended Slope: 3:1
Coverage 100 Square Yards/roll
Roll Weight: 92Lbs (+/-5%)(500g/m2)
Qty. Per Pallet: 9 and 12
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Product Specification Sheet:

Rolled Jute Mesh Specification Sheet




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