Limitless Leather Impact Gloves

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Product Description:

This glove is exceptionally durable, comfortable and versatile. The leather won’t dry or shrink when washed, while the kevlar thread protection makes this glove tough enough for just about any task.



Product Details:

Item # Part # Size
37066617 G02195P Large
37066618 G02196P X-Large
37066619 G02197P XX-Large



Product Features:

  • 100% limitless leather outer shell that provides high durability and abrasion resistance
  • 360º EN388 cut resistant ANSI A5 liner
  • Kevlar threading in critical areas for increased seam strength
  • Open cuff wrist allows for easy on and off
  • Thermoplastic rubber impact protection on the fingers, knuckle, and metacarpals



Palm: Limitless Leather®
Back of Hand: Limitless Leather®
Impact: IVE™ Impact Protection
Cuff: Open Cuff
Lining: 360° Cut Resistant Lining
Thread: Kevlar® Threading
Special: Pinch Fingertips
Fit: Flawless-Fit® 13-Point Measuring System
Clean: Machine Washable






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