Ecoduty Stakes for Erosion Control Blankets, SZ. 6", 500 ct. bundle

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Product Description:

Easily secure landscape fabrics, erosion control blankets, turf, sod and more with the Ecoduty 6 inch contractor grade stakes. Ecoduty biodegradable stakes are a must for any contract job that demands a top performing staking solution. Made from recycled plastics, the stakes contain an additive to change the polymer structure of the plastic. Once this change is complete (24-36 months, the stakes will fall apart and allow microbes to consume the plastic. The byproducts post-microbe consumption are water, carbon dioxide and biomass (humus).


Item Number: 51579767

Product Benefits:


• Use to secure sod, landscape fabrics and natural ECBs
• Rigid, durable design
• Stakes are made from 100% recycled resins and are fully bio-degradable
Breaks down in 24-36 months and then biodegrades leaving CO2, humus and water as by-products
• More than 5 times the holding power of metal staples
• To be used with the Ecostaker for fast, jam-free installation
• Available in different sizes
• Proudly made in the U.S.A.


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