LM-SX3030 Biaxial Geogrid, SZ. 12.9' x 164'

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Product Description:

A geogrid is a geosynthetic with large openings or apertures. Geogrids are used as soil reinforcement below roads, under structures and behind retaining walls. They also reinforce paving overlays.

Geogrids can be uniaxial (strength in one direction) or biaxial (equal strength in both directions) and are made from polyester, polypropylene or fiberglass. Manufacturing methods include woven, knitted, extruded or otherwise “integrally formed.”

The LM-SX3030 Biaxial Geogrid is designed to have roughly the same tensile strength in both directions and distributes loads over a wider area, increasing the load capacity of the soil. Base reinforcing geogrids interlock with the aggregate to confine the base and reinforce the subgrade. In paved or unpaved applications, they reduce rutting and help maintain the desired aggregate depth.


Typical applications:

  • Construction haul roads
  • Paved and unpaved roads
  • Railways and ports
  • Working platforms on weak sub-soils
  • Parking and paved areas
  • Multi-layer applications



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