LM-SS400 DOT Woven Geotextile 15'x300'

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Item # 51438964
LM-SS400 DOT Woven Geotextile
SZ. 15'x300'

Woven Stabilization Geotextile Fabric

Woven geotextiles are made from polypropylene or polyester fibers interlaced to create a unique fabric.  Slit-film wovens have flat strands for strength while monofilaments have round fibers to create more uniform opening sizes for drainage applications.  High strength and high performance wovens can also be knitted or woven to achieve the desired performance characteristics.


These characteristics allow the geotextiles to distribute loads, reduce rutting and extend the life of roads or provide substantial sediment barriers.This process produces a premium filter that is extremely resistant to soil and biological clogging. A full range of high quality filtration fabrics has been created to offer designers several choices for percent open area (POA), the single most important property in the selection of a woven geotextile filter.


Functions — Separation, filtration, stabilization and reinforcement
♦ Excellent puncture and tear resistance as well as high tensile strengths.
♦  Lightweights for separation of good to moderate subgrades.  Also for control of runoff and flow velocity, such as silt fences and temporary access roads.
♦  Heavy weights for separation and reinforcement.  Also for the stabilization of weak subgrades for heavy loads or abrasive base material.
♦  Stabilization of weak subgrades such as unpaved roads, parking lots, access haul roads.
♦  Unpaved Roadways
♦  Paved Roadways
♦  Sediment Control
♦  Hard Armor Underlayment
♦  Subsurface Drainage
♦  Landfill Leachate Collection
♦  High tensile strength at low elongation
♦  Resistant to soil and biological clogging
♦  Available in a full range of high quality filtration fabrics for several choices of percentage open area (POA)




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