Excelsior Wood Wattles, Various Sizes

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Product Description:

Wattles (logs) are a flexible erosion and sediment control device comprised of various types of compressed matrixes, designed to reduce hydraulic energy and filter sediment-laden stormwater runoff on slopes and in channels.


Wattles assist in stabilizing construction disturbances by shortening the slope lengths, reducing water flow velocities and trapping sediment on site. Effective installation of wattles can minimize sheet and rill erosion, resulting in improved water quality and enhanced vegetation growth, helping to remain in compliance with state and local storm water management regulations of the Clean Water Act.


Wattle (logs) are designed to be used as perimeter controls, slope interceptor devices, check dams, around temporary soil stockpiles, at curb cuts and drain inlets. They should be installed and secured with wooden stakes, sold separately.


Size Options:


Item No.


Product Name


Wattle Size

 Lbs. / Wattle


US-EW 12” X 10’


12” x 10’



US-EW 12” X 20’


12” x 20’



US-EW 9” X 25’


9" x 25’



Additional Size Options:

  • 9" x 10'     / 12 lbs.
  • 20" x 10'   / 25 lbs.



  • Silt fence and/or straw bale replacement
  • New housing construction
  • Fire reclamation
  • Storm water runoff pollution control
  • Ski area and golf course maintenance
  • Mined land reclamation
  • Vegetation enhancement


Technical Specifications:

  • Item: Sediment Wattle
  • Material: Curled Wood Excelsior Fiber
  • Product Type: Sediment Wattle






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