Erosion Eel

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Product Description:

Erosion Eels are a sediment control device constructed of a high strength outer fabric filled with environmentally safe recycled rubber. Installation is quick and easy and the Erosion Eel can be simply laid on top of the ground. Staking may be required in channels.

Erosion Eel, by its very nature, functions to help prevent physical degradation of the environment by enhancing water quality. It is an environmentally friendly sediment control device. It may be placed over multiple surfaces including soil, asphalt, concrete, and surface rock. Increased flow rates through the filter material, as compared to silt fence, helps to prevent localized flooding during storm events.

Erosion Eels have a low profile and are reusable within a project. They can be moved from one project site to another. They minimize the amount of new product manufacturing (involving extraction of natural resources, additional manufactured products into the environment). At the end of a use cycle, rubber material can be cleaned and reused in new erosion eels that are produced. The durability, ease of installation, and reusability of the Erosion Eel makes it a cost-effective BMP when compared to other options.


  • Synthetic filter manufactured from recycled shredded tire
  • 9.5" in diameter (two lengths available 4' and 10')
  • Color: Black
  • Allow a minimum of 2" for overlap
  • Reusable
  • Should be inspected and cleaned regularly and after every major weather event

When you install a silt fence it is typically done with the intention of keeping it in a single location for a long period of time. An erosion eel can be moved at your discretion and for the purposes of the project.

There is no trenching required with the Erosion Eel. Simply take it and place it where it needs to be used. You place it on top of the ground as opposed to placing it in the dirt. 

Product packaging details

  • 4' Erosion Eel Pallet - 30 Erosion Eels per pallet
  • 10' Erosion Eel Pallet - 14 Erosion Eels per pallet

Advantages / Benefits: 

  • Precise and effective sediment overflow control device that secures optimal performance
  • Available in two sizes for usage under the appropriate field conditions
  • Easy maintenance, cleanup, and installation
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