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Product Description:

Wire Back Silt Fence is a strong erosion control fence designed for areas with demanding silt and erosion control requirements. Offering more strength and stability than a standard silt fence, wire back silt fence includes wire fencing that lines the entire fabric of the fence. This strengthens the silt fence for use against large amounts of sediment or silt. Use of a wire back silt fence can help to slow flow rates and increase the filtration efficiency of materials.


Product Features:
• A more robust silt fence
• Able to hold more silt before it needs to be cleaned
• Rail steel t-posts are available
• Silt control at construction site
• Required in some jurisdictions
• Mount on t-posts around job-site perimeter
• Easily attach to existing wire fences
Item #
Roll Size:  3' x 100'
Non Woven
Wire: 12.5 gauge, 2x4 wire openings





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