Silt Fence Material, Woven PP, 70 Gram, SZ. 3' x 9900'

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Silt fence is used on construction sites to help protect streams, rivers, lakes and other aquatic resources as well as terrestrial resources from contamination by silt, sediment and construction debris.


Buying affordable and quality silt fence master rolls will save time and money for large installation projects, whether utilizing a silt fence machine or assembling silt fence in the field.


At Silt Management Supplies we offer silt fence to meet any commercial, residential or site specific specification. We offer wire backed silt fence, pre-assembled wood-staked silt fence or you can purchase silt fence fabric rolls only. Available in a variety of styles and gram weights, you are sure to find the type of silt fence that is best suited for your individual project.


Item # 40183906

Master Roll Size: 3' x 9900'




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