250 Sand Bags, Orange Woven Polypropylene, SZ. 14" x 26"

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Product Description:

Our sandbags are made of woven polypropylene which can be used for such purposes as flood control, secure road signage, hold temporary fence or portable toilets in place. Sand bags are also an excellent choice for the construction of levees, berms, dikes and barricades for erosion control, flood walls, and traffic control. Keep your house from flooding by placing sand bags outside of your doors and garage.


Sand bags are sold empty


Product Details

  • Item # 50674174
  • Size: 14" x 26"
  • High UV with ties
  • Sold empty; not pre-filled
  • Color: Orange
  • Durable, high elasticity and tensile strength
  • High strength reinforced construction sandbags provides the durability to perform over the duration of your project and beyond
  • Odorless, dust proof, water and oil resistant
  • Also available in white

Sandbag Specification Sheet

Other sizes available by special order – please contact us to order these sizes

18″ X 30″ Poly Sandbags

20″ X 31″ Poly Sandbags

23″ X 40″ Poly Sandbags

Available in Orange or White


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