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Product Description:

Filtrexx Silt Soxx is a three dimensional tubular mesh device filled with Filtrexx Media that helps stop sediment. It is a superior alternative to silt fence and straw wattles. It is used in diverse sediment control applications (as shown below) to divert, clean and filter storm water runoff.

•  check dams
•  concrete washouts
•  inlet protection
•  perimeter control
•  runoff diversion
•  sediment traps
•  slope interruption
•  diverse filtration systems
Filtrexx Silt Soxx is generally used in combination with other sediment control systems to create a complete solution.  It is designed to support stormwater management sediment and erosion control and pollutant removal Best Management Practices (BMPs).

The Filtrexx compost sediment siltation silt sock stops pollutants in two ways:

¹  Deposition - sediment settles out as water ponds behind the barrier

²  Filtration - sediment is trapped as water passes through the barrier



♦  Easily installed for a variety of construction applications

♦  Filtrexx products meet all EPA, AASHTO, USACE and USDA-NCRS, as well as the regulations of most state agencies throughout the U.S.

♦  The performance difference between compost filter socks that adhere to federal and state specifications for mesh and media verses those that do not meet these specifications is quite substantial

♦  Avoids the risk of regulatory non-compliance

♦  Eliminates costly re-install and non-compliance costs for contractors

♦  Cost savings over the life of the project

♦ Delivers optimal performance


 Filtrexx is the inventor of the compost filter sock.


Typical Applications   Advantages
Check Dam
  Check Dam
  • drainage ditches
    • lower lifetime cost compared to check dams or silt fence
  • small channels     • can be vegetated for permanent applications
  • swales     • easy removal and disposal
      • available in 8, 12, 18, 24 and 32 inch diameters
      • recycled, locally manufactured
 Filtrexx Installation Spec_Check Dam    
Concrete Washout
  Concrete Washout
 • concrete truck wash station
   • better trapping of sediment & soluble pollutants
 • stream pump-arounds
   • easy removal of accumulated solids
 • emergency overflow
   • no trenching required
 • dredging slurry filtration
   • greater surface area contact
     • customize to remove targeted pollutants
     • easily increase design height by stacking
     • customize size and shape
Filtrexx Installation Spec_CWO opt. 1    
Filtrexx Installation Spec_CWO opt. 2    
Inlet Protection
  Inlet Protection
 • around drain inlets
     emergency overflow prevents flooding
 • in front of curb inlets      easy to maintain, replace and repair
 • curb sediment containment
     no need to remove storm grate to install
 • around storm drainage systems
     reduced footprint; recycled; locally manufactured
 • receiving channels
     flocculants available
     available on pallets
      heavy duty soxx available for high traffic areas
Filtrexx Installation Spec_Inlet Protection    
Perimeter Control
  Perimeter Control
Applications   Advantages
 • use as silt fence replacement
   • 50% more design capacity & flow through than silt fence
 • site perimeters
   • no trenching and no soil disturbance
 • above/ below slopes w/ erosion     • easy removal; minimal disposal costs
 • toe of slopes/channel banks
   • 8x less maintenance than silt fence (USEPA)
 • around area drains or inlets
   • exceeds federal standards
 • where trenching of silt fence is difficult
   • available on pallets or blown in onsite

Runoff Diversion   Runoff Diversion
Applications   Advantages
 • up-slope of disturbed areas
   • more intimate surface contact
 • divert sheet flow
   • no trenching required
 • use prior to erosion control installation
   • can be installed on frozen ground
 • use prior to vegetation establishment
   • installs on top of rolled erosion control products
 • use prior to final soil stabilization
 • habitat or ecological restoration

Sediment Traps
  Sediment Traps
Applications   Advantages
 • sediment/detention containment zone
   • no major excavation, land disturbance or pond construction
 • limited land; construction pond impossible
   • easily customized to fit most types of drainage areas
 stormwater detention pond outfalls
   • no trenching or soil disturbance
  final treatment prior to discharge    • easy removal and disposal
  emergency overflow-retention/detention systems
   • added targeted pollutant removal
 Filtrexx Sediment Trap Plan    
Slope Interruption
  Slope Interruption
Applications    Advantages
  • slow runoff velocity
   can be used on slopes up to 1:1 grade
  • disperse concentrated runoff on hill slopes
   better trapping and removal of sediment & pollutants
  • reduce slope length
   more intimate contact with ground surface
  • use in environmentally sensitive areas
    no trenching
     can be installed on frozen ground

Filtrexx Installation Spec_Slope Interruption    
Filtrexx products deliver the best performance with the lowest cost
Performance of sediment control barriers is an increasing concern to designers, regulators and contractors.
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