Coconut Coir Wattle

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Coir fiber has the highest strength and durability of any readily available natural fiber and is used for making a variety of products including products for protecting and improving natural resources. Typical coir erosion control products, like coir wattles and logs, consist of coconut coir fiber twine netting and are filled with coir mattresses. Coir fibers and coir erosion control products are considered # 1 for the most environmentally friendly choice when it comes to erosion control, landscape, and restoration projects.


Coir Logs verses Coir Wattles:

They may be similar in appearance; however, they are designed for completely different applications. Coconut Coir Logs (rolls) are densely packed to provide strong support and should be used in streambanks, riverbanks, or on slopes where strong support or tougher erosion control requirements are needed. In addition, Coconut Coir Logs are designed to withstand high water flow and wave impact without the loss of material to ensure maximum erosion prevention. They also enhance plant growth and microbial activity in high water flow areas.


Coconut Coir Wattles are lightly packed, designed to filter sediment and should be used in sediment control applications. Because of the filtering ability of coir wattles, due to them being less tightly packed, coir wattles are better at filtering silt from storm water runoff. Coconut Coir Wattles provide superior performance over straw wattles.  A coconut coir wattle's ability to retain sand, sediment, and silt, while still allowing water to drain through it, makes it the best line of defense for protecting drains from polluted construction site storm water runoff.


Coir Wattle Benefits:

♦ Cost effective sediment control at construction sites
♦ Flexible, easy to place and adjust
♦ High filtration of sand, sediment and silt
♦ 100% biodegradable to save our environment
♦ Maintains continuous water flow while removing sand, sediment, silt and other harmful pollutants
♦ Reduces water flow, protects construction sites from storm water runoff and restores environmentally sensitive areas prone to erosion
♦ Great for over bank flows because they slow the water velocity
♦ After use... you can take them up, even if they're wet, and use them again

Coir Wattle Applications:

♦ Barriers around construction sites and entrances
♦ Check dams
♦ Perimeter sediment control
♦ Sediment control around circular drains
♦ Sediment control around curb inlets and grate inlets
♦ Slopes or channels to intercept runoff and act as a velocity break
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Our coconut coir wattles come in 10 ft., 20 ft. and 25 ft. lengths and some are available by special order only.




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